Cooking food yourself is enjoyable, but why not indulge in the seaside chef's masterpiece dishes? You can enjoy delicious meals on the care terrace.

"The Blue Flag" quality label is a symbol of compliance with very strict environmental requirements. You can even find amber on the beautiful white sandy beach.

There is a scenic cycling route that's 52 km long and takes you along various places across the Curonion Spit. Each of these places is also available for rent.

A variety of sports grounds for active leisure: basketball, football, beach volleyball, mini-golf, as well as professional outdoor fitness equipment.

If you love fishing, this is a true paradise. Fishing has been one of the most important means of survival for the Curonion Spit residents for centuries.

Paddle boating is one of the safest water activities. Enjoy the enchanting views of the Curonian Spit horizon whilst getting a full-body workout.

Juodkrante is one of the most versatile sailing destinations as all wind directions are suitable. Kitesurfing and windsurfing are available on both the lagoon and the ocean sides.

The people of Lithuania have been enjoying watersports more recently, with wakeboarding becoming incredibly popular in Juodkrante.

If you just want to enjoy the views of the Curonian Lagoon in peace and quiet, you can go boating, or even visit settlements on the other side of the lagoon.

For those arriving by private watercraft, you can dock comfortably and for free at a designated pier.

In the small Amber Bay you will find traditional Baltic water reed sculptures in summer. The exhibition opens on Midsummer's Day and closes on the Autumn Equinox.

During summer, tourists love admiring the themed sand sculptures created by Lithuanian and foreign artists. Favourite walking and cycling trails by the sea are also popular destinations for holidaymakers.

Those who like to stroll through the fresh air of the forest can find mushrooms in the right season. There are also orienteering parks for those who have the energy for it.

In the Royal Forest, a 3-metre-high sound catcher will help you hear the mysterious sounds of the forest that are inaudible to the naked ear. Simply place your ear on the narrow opening and listen.

Witch Mountain is a fun place to climb and look at the sculptures carved by folk artists. There's even a throne that you can sit on!

The 75-metre high Juodkrante Lighthouse on Ragana Hill still shows the way to sailors at night with its light. It also fascinates passers-by with its unique design.

Bird enthusiasts have plenty to be excited about. There are 262 species of bird in the Curonion Spit. You can observe many types ranging from Gray Herons and Cormorant up close.

Juodkrante Resort Days take place every July. They involve a fair, concerts, educational/artistic workshops, and even outdoor workouts.

Kids and adults alike are interested in the incredible Lithuanian Sea Museum. This is an exciting place to visit after returning to Klaipėda.

New in the Curonian Spit - 2-metre high viewing benches for two! You can find them by taking one of the paths in Juodkrante Forest.