The Curonian Spit is without question one of the most unique parts of Lithuania, and the world – being on the Unesco world heritage list.

It is a peninsula with picturesque sand dunes that separate the Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea. It is not only a nature reserve, but an important part of Lithuanian history.

The dunes hide quite a few villages buried under the sand; Prussians, Vikings, Germans, French, Latvians, Russians, and, of course, Lithuanians have left their mark here.

Juodkrantė is the second-largest linear plan settlement on the Curonian Spit, located only 14 km from Klaipėda, in the parabolic dunes valley.

Even though few locals live here, holidaymakers look for peace here throughout the year since nothing clears one’s head as well as the unparalleled beauty of nature.

One finds here unspoiled nature and everything necessary for a comfortable and carefree stay. Juodkrantė is a favourite among those looking for a peaceful rest, yet with the possibility to visit a shop, a cafe, a library or a museum.